Essential oil crystals, basil

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Know how to make choices, variety of blends, quality of herbal teas and teas, this small factory knows how to make us to taste, organic products, Hildegarde de Bingen for connoisseurs..Well to eat, to be well, to go well.

Digestion, relaxation. The benefits of essential oils in prebiotic agave pulp. A multitude of simple, everyday uses that will please your sense of smell and your taste buds, and be good for your health! 100% organic. Prebiotic benefits. Slimming aid, helps digestion, stress-relief, vitality, etc. Salt-free, sugar-free, 0 calories, fat-free. Made in France.

Pasta, desserts, salads, risottos, gazpachos, vegetable soups, Mediterranean cuisine, pizzas.
Agave tequilana powder*, basil essential oil* (Ocimum basilicum linaloliferum, leaf) 5%, basil leaf* 1%. *from organic agriculture
Energy (kCal/100g): - Fat/Lipids (g/100g): - Carbohydrate/Sugar (g/100g): - Protéïnes (g/100g): - Sodium (g/100g): - Fibres (g/100g):
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