Rice bran

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The sound of rice unlike the sounds of wheat or oats is very rich in oil. This oil is composed of essential fatty acids important for lipid balance, omega-9 oleic, omega-6 linoleic, omaga-3 linolenic and very few saturated fatty acids. This oil also provides phospholipids which are constituents of cell membranes such as phosphaditylcholine, etc. These lipid compounds are essential for the general balance and especially the balance of blood cholesterol.

Excellent for your muesli or in your cottage cheese, stuffing, boiled. The sound of iz is rich in fiber and a source of protein.
Rice bran
Energy (kCal/100g): 398 - Fat/Lipids (g/100g): 20,9/4,2 - Carbohydrate/Sugar (g/100g): 28,7/0,9 - Protéïnes (g/100g): 13,4 - Sodium (g/100g): 0,01 - Fibres (g/100g): 21
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