Pink salt of Himalaya with seaweed

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Seaweeds for toast, basmati rice with seaweed, court-bouillon, mustard too ... Seaweed, cooked or rehydrated, is the domain of Home Ys, small Breton family factory that designs, manufactures and markets a range of 32 products "by hand". For almost 10 years.

Blend of algae and pink Himalayan salt. A salt rock extract dating back millions of years in the heart of the Himalayas, this unrefined raw salt is particularly rich in trace elements but not iodized. Rich in trace elements, (more than 80), especially in iron, calcium and potassium, this salt allows a good regeneration of the blood. Thanks to the extremely crystalline structure of this salt, these elements and minerals can be directly assimilated by the cells of the body.

The crystalline salt will restore the acid-base balance (the blood PH) and will act dramatically on the discomfort caused by chronic gastric reflux. Powerful detoxifier (a property verified by urinalysis), it dissolves or dismantles toxins, waste and harmful substances present in the body. It eliminates heavy metals (mercury, lead) and dissolves limescale deposits. In the long term, the use of Himalayan crystalline salt water has a beneficial effect on conditions such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, deforming rheumatism or kidney and gall stones, as it helps body to break up the deposits and eliminate them. In doing so, it stimulates and regulates intestinal transit, because the reaction of the intestine is not delayed and is a very normal sign of its action.
Pink hymalaya salt, ulve, dulse.
Energy (kCal/100g): 13 - Fat/Lipids (g/100g): 0/0 - Carbohydrate/Sugar (g/100g): 1,2/0 - Protéïnes (g/100g): 1 - Sodium (g/100g): 85,1 - Fibres (g/100g): 0
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