Terrine with 50% Foie-gras, morels & Armagnac

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Tradition of the Aveyron and working with mincer of charcutier. As before, but with recipes rich in originality. Organic and Gluten-free products for hobbyists.

Taste the wedding of Foie Gras and morels perfumed with a dash of Armagnac threw this delicious terrine, very rich in Foie Gras.From traditional manufacturing, the Foie Gras terrine with Gingerbread and ginger of the Maison Papillon is elaborated from the best raw materials from the local production and handmade worked on the chopper of master pork butchers to give high quality terrines.

Eat your duck terrine 50% Foie Gras with morels and Armagnac just spread on farmhouse bread with a glass of wine and small pickles.
Duck Foie Gras 50%, duck meat and liver, Morels 4%, whole eggs, Armagnac 1%, salt, spices.
Energy (kCal/100g): - Fat/Lipids (g/100g): - Carbohydrate/Sugar (g/100g): - Protéïnes (g/100g): - Sodium (g/100g): - Fibres (g/100g):
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