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Arcadia, it is the original story from the 70 'of a development around the medicinal plants, which grows, but fiercely always master of its procurnemts and the quality of its methods of work. It's a human adventure, an adventure of idealists. Whith success.

Poor in calories but rich in taste, the cep is packed with vitamins and proteins. The cep is eaten exclusively cooked.

Rehydrate 15 minutes in hot water before use them in your soups, omelets, cakes,sauces, etc
Ceps cut plant (Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria)
Energy (kCal/100g): - Fat/Lipids (g/100g): - Carbohydrate/Sugar (g/100g): - Protéïnes (g/100g): - Sodium (g/100g): - Fibres (g/100g):
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